The Veterans

old soldiers

'Old Soldiers'

This group shot was taken on May 9th 2002 on Mamai Hill, stalingrad


'Comrades in Arms'

Colonel Anapoly Kozlov flanked by two veteran comrades. Anapoly is leader of the Stalingrad Veterans Association and at the time of writing is in good health and about to embark on a course of English lessons so that when we visit next year, he will be able to talk to us without an interpreter. He is a remarkable man and is doing excellent work in preserving the memory of lost comrades. If the name of 'Volgograd' is changed back to 'Stalingrad' then it will be largely his doing. Anapoly, I salute you my friend!

For many, the old icons still command repect ..............

stalin determination lenin




The picture of 'Uncle Joe' (left) can be found in the Stalingrad Observatory. It is one of the few images of Stalin left in a city which, many feel, should be renamed 'Stalingrad'. The picture was painted over during the Kruschev era but has recently been uncovered. The massive statue of Lenin on the right (not politically!) is on the banks of the ship canal which links the Don with the Volga.

For some, the old icons have been replaced by a new one ...


This newly built church sits in Vertyachi on the Don. A place where many lost their lives in a vast camp set up by the German invaders. It was here that Wietersheim's X1V Panzer Corps forced a narrow breach in the Russian perimeter before reaching the Volga at Rynok on the evening of August 23rd 1942. The first German formation to reach a city which would eventually prove to be too tough a nut to crack for the 6th Army.

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