Mamayev Kurgan

The Mamai Hill was the highest point in the city and was bitterly fought over through until January 1943. At the top we talked with a veteran. One of four machine gun company commanders who fought on the hill. He spent 11 days fighting on the summit. "Did you meet Chuikov?" I ask. "Yes" he said, "before going up the hill he said "we hold ... you take the hill ... you go to die ... die expensively". The picture above shows the Hall of Valour.

View from the Top - May 2002


Our group travelled up the hill again on the 9th  May - through crowds of people. Past the statues, through the music, by the pool. Veterans, children with balloons, women holding flowers - happy on victory day. We formed a circle and played the last post on a tinny little radio. Tim spoke the words "age will not weary them",a minute of silence and then Laura and Rosemary slipped our poppies into the memorial pool. (above).


The statue is 52 metres high and is made of 5,500 tons of concrete and 2,400 tons of metal. The sword is stainless steel and is 29 metres lond weighing 14 tons. The hanging part of the scarf ways 250 tons. Truly stunning!


defeated wall

Defeated Generals

 The Wall of Murals


Grieving Mother

two staues

Two Statues

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