The 11th Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment

The Military Funeral of Sergeant Albert Beaumont - December 1915

Albert Beaumont received a full military funeral in Cottenham Cambridgeshire and was buried in the Cottenham Dissenters Cemetery shortly after his death on the 19th December 1915. The picture below shows the honour party leaving Rook Street and heading down to the Dissenters Cemetery. The men of A Company have their weapons reversed and Sergeant Beaumont's coffin lies on a gun carrage covered by a Union Jack.

Above - Rook Street, Cottenham - December 1915

Below - Rook Street, Cottenham - February 2000

Rook Street Now

The cemetery is an eerie place, full of gothic headstones and decaying memorials. It reminds me of the graveyard described in "Moonfleet". A picture of the cemetery is available on this site.Sergeant Beaumont is commemorated on Cottenham War Memorial (See below).

Cottenham War Memorial

February 2000

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