The Attack at Arras - April 1917

Map Supplement

The First Phase - April 9th 1917

Map courtesy of Purnell's "History of the Great War"

The first phase of the attack which started on the 9th April 1917. The 101st Brigade, of which the Cambs Suffolks was a part achieved a good start reaching the Point Du Jour without great loss. "A" Company of the 11th Suffolks reached it's objective without loss.

The Second Phase - April 28th 1917

Map courtesy of "The Thirty Fourth Division 1915 - 1919" by Lieut. Colonel J. Shakespeare C.M.G. C.I.E. D.S.O.

The attack on the Chemical Works was a costly failure with the Cambs Suffolks losing in excess of 100 men killed.

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 The story of the Cambs Suffolks fight at Arras in April 1917