The Great War - Compact Disc

An evocation in music and drama through recordings made at the time

I recently bought the following CD and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone with an interest in the Great War. You can purchase it from CDUniverse via this page.

Track listing

  1. United Forces March.

  2. Your King & Country Wants You.

  3. It's A Long Way to Tipperary.

  4. Pack Up Your Troubles.

  5. Good bye-ee.

  6. Oh,It's A Lovely War.

  7. Roses Of Picardy.

  8. With Our Boys At The Front.

  9. In The Trenches.

  10. Smoke Clouds.

  11. If You Want To Find The Sergeant Major.

  12. In Summertime on Bredon.

  13. Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty.

  14. Keep The Home Fires Burning.

  15. Have You News Of My Boy Jack.

  16. Over There.

  17. Never Mind The Food Controller.

  18. A Bachelor Gay.

  19. You Can't Beat Us.

  20. Gas Shells Bombardment.

  21. We All Went Marching Home.

  22. How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm ?

  23. The Grand Peace Record.

  24. Land Of Hope And Glory.

Release Date - 26th Aug 1992

Label - Pearl

Catalogue No. - 9355

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