Honours Awarded To The Cambridgeshire Battalion The Suffolk Regiment (11th (S.) Batt. The Suffolk Regiment).


Corporal S.J. Day. (15092 from Norwich. For action at Malakhoff Farm, Hargicourt, 24.8.1917).

"Corporal Day was in command of a bombing section detailed to clear a maze of trenches still held by the enemy. This he did, killing two machine gunners and taking four prisoners. On reaching a point where the trench had been levelled he went alone and bombed his way through to the left in order to gain touch with the neighbouring troops. Immediately on his return to his section a stick bomb fell into the trench occupied by two officers (Including Lieut.F.Maxwell-Lawford who was badly wounded) and three other ranks. Corporal Day seized the bomb and threw it over the trench, where it immediately exploded. This prompt action saved the lives of those in the trench. He afterwards completed the clearing of the trench and established himself in an advanced position, remaining for thirty sis hours at his post, which came under intense hostile shell, grenade and rifle fire. Throughout the whole operations his conduct was an inspirational to all."

Sydney James Day was born on 3rd July 1891 at 4 St Ann's Lane, St Julian, Norwich, a property that was demolished in the 1930s. Day came from very humble origins and had four sisters called Ethel, Rosa, Edith, Alice and one other brother named Harry. Three other children died when they were very young. Father William Day was a storekeeper at the local brewery and Sydney's mother was called Elizabeth. Ron Mace, who was Harry's next door neighbour from 1953 to 1965 still lives locally and describes Corporal Day V.C. as having been 'a very unassuming gentleman'. Sidney Day is buried in the Milton Cemetery in Portsmouth having died in 1959. Ron Mace and Project Assistants Nick Jeanes and John Taylor, are currently running a campaign to create a local memorial after this local hero. The memorial might be a building, a square, a street, a footbridge or a simple plaque on a wall. I wish them well. Anyone wishing to offer support to the campaign should write to Mr Ron Mace c/o 5 Orchard Close, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2RF.

C.B. and C.M.G.

Colonel Charles Wyndham Somerset, M.V.O. Ind Army. (Commanding Officer from 30.9.1914, invalided 3.9.1916, CMG recorded LG 1.1.1917, CB awarded New Years Honours 1918).

Member of the Victorian Order (MVO)

Lieut.-Colonel Gerald Louis Johnson Tuck. (Adjutant in 1914. Commanding Officer 25.3.1918. Awarded Bar 21 - 23March 1918. LG 16.9.18 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He commanded his battalion during an enemy attack, and his reports from personal observation were invaluable. When the situation was critical he restored it. By his personal example of coolness and energy he retained positions against largely superior enemy forces.") DSO: LG 1-1-18.

Tuck's mounted medal group (above) can be found at the Headquarters of the Royal Logistic Corps (Territorial Army). The medals are The companion of St Michael & St George, D.S.O. & Clasp, British War Medal 1914-20, Victory Medal, Territorial Force Medal, 1939-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939 - 45, Palestine 1945-48 and Croix de Guerre. Mentioned in Despatches WW1 and WW2 (Thanks to Graham Davison who supplied the picture).


Lieutenant Colonel E.H.Kendrick. (Commanding Officer 14.10.1916. Transferred to 34th Div. MG Btn. Oct. 1917).

Temporary Captain Osbert Harold Brown. (B Company Officer who got to Wood Alley on 1.7.1916 - D.S.O. awarded. LG 25.8.1916. KIA 1.11.1916). The citation reads as follows - "For conspicuous gallantry in action. With only one orderly, he proceeded to the enemy's third line, where, collecting details of all units, he drove off to hostile counter attacks and repelled a strong bombing attack. He held his position till relieved".

M.C. and Bar.

Major Andrew Barkworth Wright, M.C. (Awarded M.C. at Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917 LG 18.10.17. Bar reported in the LG 0n 16.9.1918.) Bar awarded at Battle of Lys, April 1918). M.C. for "In an attack on gaining his objective he rushed and took an enemy trench in front, capturing thirty prisoners. His prompt action made it possible to consolidate the position later. When the supply of bombs ran short he carried forward several boxes under heavy fire. He showed great initiative and set a fine example by his personal courage". Bar for "conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while acting as second in command during an enemy attack. After the enemy had penetrated the centre of the battalion he went forward under very heavy rifle and machine gun fire, collected officers and men, and established a new line, connecting up the left company with the two right companies. By this means the enemy were checked and held off. He showed fine courage and powers of command."

Certificate - Bar To MC

Major Wright

Captain George Frederick Rimel Baguley, M.C. (Awarded M.C. Sept. 1918. Bar in Oct. 1918 M.C. L.G. 7 Nov 1918.) The citation reads as follows - "For conspicuous gallantry and ability in action. He handled his company with skill and determination under heavy fire, and cleared a number of enemy posts strongly held by machine gunners and riflemen. He set a splendid example to those under him." (Bar announced L.G. 8 March 1919 (no citation) Citation appeared in L.G. 4 Oct 1919).Reads as follows - "He led a company near Vendegies on 24th October, 1918, with great dash. He succeeded in getting them across the River Eccaillon very quickly in spite of heavy fire.Later he was severely wounded while leading his company to the attack of a crest strongly held by machine gunners. He continued to cheer his company forward until the crest had been captured and the machine gunners dealt with. His courage and determination were an inspiration to all under his command."

Bar to M.C.

T/Captain Cyril Victor Canning, M.C. Bar for 21-22nd March 1918, LG 19,6.1918: "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while in command of his company. He established a bombing block and drove off four determined enemy attacks. He rescued five prisoners from the enemy. He showed great tenacity and skill in handling his company under most trying circumstances". Canning gained his MC while with the 9th Bn, during a raid on Cite St Elie on 11.6.1917. The award appeared in the LG 1.1.1918. 

Captain S.W. Turner, M.C. (L.G. 1 Jan 1917 no citation. Bar October 1918. L.G. 4 Oct 1919). Citation reads as follows - "He commanded a reserve company near Vendegies on 24th October, 1918. When all the officers and many of the other ranks of one of the assaulting companies had become casualties he took command of the two companies, reorganised them, and continued the advance although he was himself badly wounded in the leg. After he had been wounded in the other leg he sat up in the open and continued to direct his command until compelled by faintness to desist. He showed the greatest gallantry."

Sydney Ward Taylor. 4th Bn attached to 11th Bn.


Lieutenant George Noel Sneddon. L.G. 19 Aug 1916, MC "For conspicuous gallantry. When bombs were urgently required, he led up a party of men through heavy fire and succeeded in getting bombs up in time. He was severely wounded."

Captain Osbert Harold Brown D.S.O. L.G. 26 Sept 1916, MC.citation  "For conspicuous gallantry in action.He commanded the only company which succeeded in reaching its objective, and beat off many bombing counter-attacks until he was finally ordered to withdraw. He set a fine example of coolness and courage, and carried out the withdrawal with great skill."

2nd Lieutenant Francis Michael Myers. (For raid on 12.10.1916). Gazette 25th November 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry in action. He led out a daring raid with great courage and skill. Previously he did some valuable patrol work". Joined 20 Sqn, 11 Wing as an Observer. 14.2.1917 left Bosdingham at 2:48pm in FE A15. Pilot was Lt F J Taylor. Encountered enemy aircraft. Taylor wounded, and forced to land. Hit high wires. Myers killed. May have been aircraft claimed by Ltn P Straehle, Jasta 18, over Zuidshoote at 4:00pm. Myers a naive of Johannesburg was Jewish.  

2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Scott-Walker. (For raid on 12.10.1916). L.G. 25 Nov 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry in action.He led his company with great courage and initiative, digging in under heavy fire and consolidating his position.He set a splendid example to his men, and has previously done very fine work."

Acting Captain Francis Lewis Tempest. (For attack on Intermediate Trench 5.8.1916). L.G. 1 Jan 1917 - no citation

2nd Lieutenant Reginald Theobald. (KIA Battle of the Lys. 10.4.1918).L.G. 18 July 1917, MC Suff Reg Spec Res. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He did valuable work in cutting wire, and also carried out an important reconnaissance.Later, while mopping up, although badly wounded, he got his party together, regained his company, and went on to the final objective."

Captain Robert Vivian Burrowes. (For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917). L.G. 7 March 1918,  "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Although severely wounded at a critical time he ran forward from the support line to the front line, under very heavy shell fire, to see that all was well, and only went to the aid post after he had collapsed from loss of blood. He showed great skill in handling his company both before and during the attack. His courage and coolness were of high order."

Lieutenant Wilfred Rodenhurst Hall. (For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917. KIA 22/4/1918).  L.G. 7 March 1917. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his senior company officers were severely wounded and a large number of other ranks were made casualties, he took command and succeeded in reorganising his company, rallying and encouraging his men. He showed great courage and coolness throughout."

T/2nd Lieutenant Horace Alfred Reed. (London Gazette 3.6.18. During Battle of Lys April 1918. DoW 9.4.1918).

Lieutenant Cyril Limmer Bryant. (During Battle of Lys April 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. After the company commander had became a casualty, this officer took comand and drove back repeated attacks by the enemy. When the battalion was ordered to withdraw, he covered it with the remnants of the company until completely surrounded, and then cut his way out at the point of the bayonet. London Gazette 16-9-18).

Captain Wilfred Ernest Harrison. (21st - 22nd March 1918. A Coy. DoW 10.4.1918 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He handled his company with great skill against heavy enemy attacks, and set a fine example by his courage and quickness in grasping situations". London Gazette 16-9-18).

Lieutenant Denys Billinghurst Johnson. (21st - 22nd March 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. As signal officer he helped, under very heavy fire, to maintain an exposed wire connecting battalion headquarters with a buried cable. Also he led a reconnoitring patrol, and under heavy shell fire brought back valuable information". London Gazette 16-9-18).

Captain George Frederick Reid. ( 21st - 22nd March 1918. D Coy.) Citation - Lt, T/Capt, George Frederick Reid, Bedfordshire Rgt Special Reserve. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He showed great coolness an skill commanding his compnay under very heavy fire. At one time he dashed out with some personnel and routed the enemy, being wounded seriously."

Captain L.H.Rodwell. (London Gazette 16.9.1918.  "Lt [T/Cpn] Lionel Helm Rodwell, Suffolk Regiment: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. By skilful placing of his outpost company in a line of shell holes exposed to heavy enemy shell fire, he greatly assisted his Battalion in drawing off several enemy attacks. He showed great courage and initiative").

2nd Lieutenant William Henry Roxbrough. ( 21st - 22nd March 1918. A Coy DoW 13.4.1918 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When the enemy had entered the trench he established a bombing block and retained it against repeated attacks, freely exposing himself to rifle fire, and inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. London Gazette 16-9-18).

Lieutenant Wilfred Henry Parker. (Btn Intelligence Officer early 1916).L.G. 1 Jan 1917 - no citation

Captain Henry James Percival Creagh. (Originally in 8th Btn. M.C. October 1918. DoW 23.11.1918).LG 4 Oct 1919. T/Lt (A-Capt) "He commanded an assaulting company near vendegies on 24th October 1918, with great dash and determination. He crossed the river Eccaillon under considerable fire,and then reorganised his company and advanced against and overcame vert strong resistance by enemy machine gunners. Later he was severely wounded whilst repelling a strong counter-attack, but remained on duty."

Lieutenant Walter George Gentle. (Oct. 1918). L.G. 4 Oct 1919. T/Lt. "During an attack near Vendegies, on 24th October 1918, he commanded a platoon with marked courage and dash, dealt with a considerable number of hostile machine guns and captured a large number of prisoners.After his company commander had become a casualty he assumed command, and reorganised the company. On the 27th October he was ordered to attack a bridge near Maresches, and, though wounded, led a reconnoitering patrol down to the bridge and then led the company to the attack."

Lieutenant George Turner. (Oct. 1918). L.G. 4 Oct 1919. T/Lt, 12th btn attached 11th btn. "For conspicuous gallantry and able leadership during the attack near Vendegies on the 24th October, 1918, after three company commanders had become casualties, he took command of the remnants of the four companies and organised with great skill a defensive flank and brought fire to bear on enemy posts. Afterwards he took command of a company,reorganised it, and on the 27th October, led it successfully in an attack on a bridge near Maresches. On this occasion his gallantry in village fighting was admirable."

Lieutenant Ernie Bertie Bowell. LG 1-1-19, no citation

D.C.M. and Bar

Sergeant E.Spalding. (14766. D.C.M. 21st - 22nd March 1918. Bar at Battle of Lys April 1918). "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During two days continuous fighting Serjeant Spalding on more than one occasion was able to secure the safety of his company by leading reconnaissance patrols to get in touch with the enemy and obtain timely information. At a critical stage of the fighting, when he was in command of an outlying post some 300 yards in advance of the main position, he saw the enemy forming up in large numbers for an attack from the flank. He immediately disposed his platoon in the best position for defence, while he himself and a few men remained in front to engage the enemy in the first stages of their advance. All these measures were taken under heavy shell and machine gun fire in presence of greatly superior enemy forces. The result was very successful, and it was largely owning to Sergeant Spalding's skilful arrangements, as well as his great courage and untiring efforts, that his company were able to hold their own against odd which might have been overwhelming. (LG 3-9-18)"

(Bar to DCM) "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He has shown outstanding qualities of leadership and judgment. On one occasion, when an enemy patrol approached our lines, he went forward and shot two of the enemy, dispersing the remainder. This is but one example of many that have shown his power of prompt action in difficult situations. (LG 21-10-18)".


Lance Corporal V.Pamment. (16620. Back Hill, Ely. Awarded for MG work in German 2nd Line 1.7.1916). LG 22 Sept 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry as a member of a machine gun team. When the gun commander had been wounded, and the second in command killed, he picked up the gun and spare parts and, unaided, carried them forward continuing to fire the gun."

Acting Sergeant A.G.Few. (24224. For Somme). LG 26 Sept 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry during operations. When the company on his right failed to get in, he at once organised a bombing party and bombed down to his right, himself acting as bayonet man and thrower. After being twice wounded, when attacked in flank, he got his party back over No Mans Land. "

Acting Sergeant A.E.Knightley. (15701. Somme. From Histon.). LG 26 Sept 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry during operations. When a party bombing to the right was driven back, and the enemy bombed upthe trench, he hastily raised a bombing party, attacked the enemy with great dash and drove them back 100 yards, capturing a machine gun. He set a fine example."

Lance Corporal H.A.Cage. (17245. Somme). LG 26 Sept 1916. "For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He held a block in the communications trench, and beat off the enemy by throwing bombs from outside the trench, although fired at. Later, after covering the withdrawal, he posted himself with a box of bombs at a block in the communication trench, and held his own there until relieved, though shot through the shoulder. "

Sergeant J.P.Negus, M.M. (20505. For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917. Southampton Place, Chatteris. "When in a position isolated from the rest of the line, he organised  and led bombing attacks and gained 70 yards of trench, killing some of the enemy and putting a machine gun out of action. he constantly exposed himself in order to keep in touch with the nearest troops. On one occasion he went over the open under very heavy fire and brought back fresh supplies of bombs. For three days he he held on and improved a very difficult position, setting a magnificent example of initiative and fearlessness)."

A/Regimental-Sergeant-Major J.Crissall. (3/10029. For 21st - 22nd March 1918. From 104 Argylle Street, Cambridge.) Suff Rgt (Cambridge)  LG 3 Sep 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an enemy attack. With a party of battalion headquarters detail heheld on to a position for nine hours under continual shell fire, and beat off repeated enemy attacks. When his lewis gun had been knocked out, and he was practically surrounded by the enemy, he withdrew his men in good order. He showed fine courage and powers of leadership."

Company Sergeant-Major G.A.W.Turner. (14275. For Battle of 21st - 22nd March 1918).Suff Rgt (Freckenham) LG 3 Sep 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an enemy attack. He engaged with rifles and rifle grenades a strong enemy party which was working up a covered approach to his lines, and forced them to retire. Later, he brought rifle and lewis gun fire on enemy infantry forming up for attack.Throughout he showed fine courage and powers of command."

Corporal W.D. Taylor. (15804. 21st - 22nd March 1918). LG 3 Sept 1918.  Suff Rgt (Hundon Bridge)  "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. With his two lewis guns he repeatedly drove back the oncoming enemy. When both guns were knocked out and the enemy had got round him, he remained, with two men, holding off the enemy while the garrison withdrew. He set a splendid example of courage and devotion to duty."

Acting Sergeant W.J. Matthews. (326837. Originally with Cambs Reg't. Transferred to Cambs Suffolks after 5.1917). LG 3 Oct 1918. (now 2 Lt) W J Matthews MM, Suff  R. (From Trumpington.) "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack. When his platoon commander had been killed and his platoon were being  pressed back he rallied and led forward 2 sections under heavy machine gun fire, and maintained the position for 36 hours until  ordered to withdraw. This prompt and gallant action enabled the whole company to hold its line."

Company Sergeant-Major C.J.Conner. (3/10196. For Battle of Lys April 1918). Suff R. Shadwell, E. LG 3 Oct 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his company was ordered to withdraw he collected several small parties of men and reorganised and conducted a very difficult rearguard action in the faceof heavy opposition. Thanks to his prompt initiative and cool control over isolated parties of men, his company was able to achieve a deliberate and unimpeded withdrawal."

Company Sergeant-Major S.W.Mead, M.M. (15618. For Battle of Lys April 1918). Suff R. Foxton, Cambs LG 3 Oct 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an enemy attack.When one of his flanks was being heavily pressed by the enemy he moved up and down under intense fire rallying the men and successfully reforming their broken line. Throughout operations he showed a magnificent example of courage and determination to all."

Sergeant F.Meadows. (14984). 14984 A CSM F Meadows, Suff  R. Turnstall , Suffolk. LG 3 Oct 1918. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When a heavy enemy attack had broken throught he troops on his right and left he maintained a forward position with a few men, and in spite of close range fire from rifle, machine gun and forward field guns, he maintained his position until ordered to withdraw, thereby inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy and enabling the line in rear to be completely re-established."

Lance-Corporal W.H.Edwards. (From Ely. For Sept. 1918). LG 15 Nov 1918. 43402 Ely "for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while in charge of the brigade observers. During a period of open fighting he kept brigade headquarters continually informed of the progress of patrols and the position of the enemy; he was also instrumental in locating the enemy machine guns and enabling the artillery to engage them. He showed absolute disregard of personal danger, and under the heaviest fire displayed the greatest coolness and resource."

Company Sergeant-Major C.Causton. (13533. For Oct.1918). Gt Cornard LG 2 Dec 1918. "During the attack near Vendegies on 24th October 1918,when his company was severely counterattacked from the left rear, he  fearlessly walked about the field under very heavy machine gun and trench mortar fire, cheering and encouraging the men, and assisted greatly in rallying, and reorganising his company after his company commander had been severely wounded. His gallantry and determination were of very great value at a critical time."

Company-Quartermaster-Sergeant H.Mann, M.M. (M.M. with another Btn. Present at Allied Victory March in Paris, June 1919). LG 2 Dec 1918.8594 . Edwardstone "For conspicuous gallantry and good work. He was acting as a company  sergeant major in an attack near Vendegies on the 24th October 1918. When all the officers of his company had become casualties, he assumed command, and with what remained of his company succeeded in overpowering the stubborn resistance of three machine guns and their teams, capturing a number of prisoners and taking his company objectives. Throughout the operations he showed great courage and determination and fine powers of leadership."

M.M. and Bar.

Sergeant J.P.Negus. 20505 L/Cpl J.P.Negus, Suffolk Rgt. MM.  L.G. 21 October 1916, Bar L.G. 9  December 1916.(20505.M.M. "for bombing all night with officer of the Royal Scots and holding a dangerous post against the Germans - Negus had been with the Battalion for three months at this point." 5.8.1916. M.M.Bar "for bombing Intermediate Trench, Bazentin-Le-Grand. Critical situation saved by Sgt Negus, L/Cpl Cave, Pte Taylor and Pte Cockerton. 12.10.1916"). Son of Mr Joseph Negus, Southampton Place, Chatteris).

Corporal D.Barrett.(From Littleport, Cambridgeshire - M.M. in 1917, London Gazette 2.11.17. Bar from St Quentin 1918, London Gazette 6.8.18.)

Lance-Corporal H.Searle. (From Little Eversden. M.M. Battle of the Lys, April 1918. London Gazette 6.8.18 and 7.10.18).

Corporal G.H.Wilding. 16638 (Downham Mkt) MM L.G. 13 March  1919, Bar L.G. 23 July 1919.


Oliver Hopkin

Private O.Hopkin. (16336. Wilburton Fen. Enlisted at age of 16. Attached 101st TMB, awarded the MM for his part in repelling a German raid on trenches occupied by 21st Northumberland Fusiliers, on either June 4th or 5th June, 1916. London Gazette 10.8.16).

Sergeant J.J.Bennett. (7547. London Gazette 1.9.16).

Private A.Cuthbert. (6603. London Gazette 10.8.16).

Corporal A.J.Billings. (13655. 7 Petworth Street, Cambridge. In charge of 30 stretcher bearers. Worked 32 hours under shell fire carrying wounded. M.M. 2.7.1916. London Gazette 23.8.16).

Lance-Corporal Ernest Johnson. (16707. 5 St Matthews Street, Cambridge. Employed Cambridge Co-op. M.M. 1.7.1916. London Gazette 23.8.1916).

Lance-Sergeant R.Pettitt. (From Trumpington. 14418. Gazetted 23.8.1916).

Private B.A.Reeves. (From Cottenham.Gazetted 23.8.1916).

Private B.R.Thompson. (13632. 23 Greens Road, Chesterton. M.M. 1.7.1916. Drummer/stretcher bearer. Wounded 2.7.1916. both legs amputated. DoW 4.8.1916 at Whalley Hospital, Lancs. Aged 20. London Gazette 23.8.16).

Private W.Whetstone. (17150. Claypits, Manea. Stretcher bearer. For retrieving wounded under fire - 1.7.1916. London Gazette 23.8.16).

Private J.Howlett.(16581. London Gazette 21.10.16).

Private H.R.Smith. (10189. London Gazette 21.10.16).

Private F.Cockerton. (17201. For 5/6.8.1916. Bomber at Intermediate Trench. London Gazette 21.10.16).

Corporal Herbert Coulson. (15596. St Johns Square, Soham. Awarded MM for wiring and patrol work in No Man's Land, June/July 1916. Wounded 1st July 1916. London Gazette 18th November 1916).

Corporal R.Harley. (14433. 6 west End, March. For 1.7.1916. Leading men after Officer killed. London Gazette 11.11.16).

Sergeant J.R.Parker. (14441. London Gazette 11.11.16).

Sergeant S.S.Poulter. (From Willingham. 13573. London Gazette. 11.11.16).

Lance-Corporal W.Whittington.(43528. London Gazette 8.12.16).

Acting Sergeant A.A.Webb. (15518. London Gazette 22.1.17).

Private F.W.Arnold. (20436. London Gazette 9.7.17).

Sergeant R.Shelford (13538 London Gazette 18.6.17).

Private E.South.(From Cambridge. 24738 London Gazette 18.6.17).

Private J.Arnold. (From Cambridge. 15342. London Gazette 18.6.17).

Private H.Jackson. (13612. London Gazette 9.7.17).

Private E.J.Law. (From New Royston. 202848 London Gazette 2.11.17).

Corporal Ernest William Clarke.(From Sprowston 43468, Previously 3/11194 Northants Regiment and transferred to 11th Suffolks in July 1916, gallantry medal awarded 27th September, 1917, London Gazette 2.11.17.).

Private A.Smith. (15784. From Ely - London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private C.Robinson. (20615. From Stanground. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private G.Blockley. (41207. From Melbourn. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Corporal C.Carlton. (3/10337. From Bottisham. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Lance-Corporal B.West. (13664. From Broad Street, Soham - Gazetted 16th Nov.1917).

Private C.F.Miller. (16183. From Ipswich. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private M.Roweth. (21206. Manea. For 1917. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Corporal W.C.Balls.(13046. From Beccles. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private B.Stockings. (29222. From Bury St Edmunds. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private W.H.Lock. (16268. 5 Cunnungton Square, Wisbech. For 26.8.1917.London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private H.Goodfellow. (19130. From Manchester. London Gazette 2.11.17).

Private T.A.Dixon. (16818. From Heywood. London Gazette 28.1.18).

Private C.Webb. (9353. From Sproughton. London Gazette 28.1.18).

Private J.Page. (17151. From West Wickham. London Gazette 28.1.18).

Private W.Bannister. (17141. From Madingley. London Gazette 28.1.18).

Private E.H.Cox. (14319. Outwell. Stretcher bearer. For 1917. Retrieving wounded under fire. London Gazette 28.1.18).

Private H.W.Driver. (14425. From Elsworth. London Gazette 6.6.18).

Private R.J.Spraggins. (20594. From Norwich. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Private A.W.Bourn. (43421. From Lowestoft. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Sergeant O.Hazell. (43012. From Bury St Edmunds. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Private A.Labram. (40561. From Grendon. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Private R.Mitham. (44036. From Swavesey. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Acting-Company-Sergeant-Major S.W.Mead. (15618. From Foxton. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Private S.F.Walsh. (3/9469. From Knaresborough. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Lance-Corporal R.Wray. (43525 From Preston. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Corporal W.J.Matthews. (326837. From Trumpington. London Gazette 6.8.18).

Lance-Corporal F.Aldhous. (16447. From Swaffham Prior. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Private C.Butcher. (12668. From Mildenhall. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Lance-Corporal E.Carbonell. (13818. From Cambridge. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Sergeant P.A. Dowe. (3/9452. From Ipswich. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Lance-Corporal T.Gate.(43485. From Legburthwaite. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Private W.C.Joyce. (24163. From Castle Camps. London Gazette 7.10.17).

Corporal S.F.Staden. (27.10.1918.KIA. 3-9727. Formerly 47575 Pte SF. Born Zousall, Derby. Enlisted Derby, formerly labourer, Way & Works, Midland Railway, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Lance Corporal P.E.Dann. (16988. From Ely. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Private W.E.Buck. (3/8680. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Company-Quartermaster-Sergeant F.G.Hyde. (16877. From Cambridge. London Gazette 7.10.16).

Sergeant A.J.Rash. Gazette 24.1.1918. 3/8898 Sgt (Sudbury).

Corporal C.Mabbutt. (From Cambridge. Gazette 24.1.1919. 16600).

Sergeant D.C.Knights. Gazette 24.1.1919. Sjt (Lowestoft).

Private E.Watkins.(45067. From Northampton. London Gazette 24.1.19).

Sergeant J.Chalk. (203375. From Stisted. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Sergeant J.F.Hamps. (325758. From Eastwood, Wimblington. M.M. awarded in 1918. Good work in leading his men over the top. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Sergeant A.Reader. (3/10328. From Longstanton. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Sergeant W.H.Gillingham. (14444. From Cambridge. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Corporal P.C.Spurgeon. (42695. From Halstead. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Lance-Corporal R.Woods. (240721. From Barrow. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Corporal P.A.Jennings. (202333. From Harpendon. Action at Vendegies on the 24th October 1918.During the attack, when the line of consolidation was exposed to much machine gun fire and trench mortar fire, this N.C.O. went out to deal with a party of rifle-men who were causing casualties to our men. By a bold dash he succeeded in completely overwhelming the enemy and brought back seven prisoners. Throughout the operation he displayed a fearless determination to succeed. London Gazette 17.6.19).).

Lance-Corporal J.Fairclough. (42391. From Chorley. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Private P.Cobbin. (9296. From Great Glenham. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Private C.Hoath. (42850. From Withyham. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Private G.Titmarsh. (15630. From Croydon, Cambs. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Private W.H.Kelly. (41934. From Devonport. London Gazette 17.6.19).

Private J.W.Broom (42746. From Aldershot. London Gazette 17.6.19).


Sergeant B.Hammond. (15578. From Cambridge. London Gazette 1.1.18).

Company-Sergeant-Major C.J.Connor. (3/10196. From Shadwell, London. London Gazette 17.6.18).

Sergeant F.Meadows. (14984. From Tunstall. For April 1918 Battle of Lys. London Gazette 16.6.18).

Sergeant H.Dockerill. (16312. From Ely. London Gazette 18.1.1919).

Sergeant C.B.Thompson. (16417. From Cambridge. London Gazette 18.1.19).

Belgian Croix de Guerre.

Private E.H.Cox, M.M. (14319. Edward Hugh Cox, son of Mr Charles Cox, Outwell. M.M. London Gazette 28.1.18. Croix de Guerre announced April 1918 (Cambs Times 19th April 1918) Cox says he was in charge of the stretcher bearers, he lost three, two being killed, but still carried on getting wounded to safety, despite the fact that he had a sceptic knee ).

French Croix de Guerre.

Sergeant Henry Ernest Jeffery. (For October 1918). Croix de Guerre (France), LG 29-1-19: 32937

Brevet Major.

Lieutenant-Colonel E.H.Kendrick, D.S.O.

Immediate Commission in the Field.

Sergeant C.Hills. (DoW 30.8.1918. 2nd Lt, 2nd Suffolks).

Acting-Sergeant-Major W.Matthews, D.C.M.,M.M.(Commissioned to 11th Suffolk).

Mentioned in Despatches.

Colonel C.W.Somerset, C.M.G., M.V.O. (twice).

Lieutenant-Colonel G.L.J.Tuck, D.S.O. (three times).

Captain O.H.Brown, D.S.O., M.C.

Company-Sergeant-Major J.Tyrrell. (From Cambridge).

Sergeant B.Hammond.(From Cambridge).

Captain C.E.Townley.

2nd Lieutenant R.N.Durtnall. (KIA 28.4.1917).

2nd Lieutenant H.S.Grand. (Mentioned for his part in the raid on 12.10.1916. KIA 28.4.1917).

Lieutenant N.K.Bell. (Adjutant of 13th Btn. in 1915 - Formed from Depot Companies of the 11th Btn. Transferred to 11th Btn as Adjutant in Dec.1916).

2nd Lieutenant F. Maxwell-Lawford.

Lieutenant-Colonel E.H.Kendrick, D.S.O.

2nd Lieutenant H.A.Reed.

2nd Lieutenant F.W.Bennett. (Attached Trench Mortar Battery. POW from March 1918).

Major J.H.Brett (twice). (Cap't Adjutant. March 1918. Promoted Major, May 1918.).

Lieutenant E.T.Bolton.

Lieutenant R.J.Coles. (Attached Trench Mortar Battery. Wounded Oct. 1918).

Lance-Corporal A.I.Neech.

Médaille d'honneur des affaires étrangères.

[Lewis Gunner] Albert James Nixon.

Thanks to Cliff Brown for researching these citations.

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